- If you’re looking for a salt water chlorinator you can’t go wrong by choosing one from our stylish range. For quality and performance Pool Pro Salt water chlorinators stand-alone. We stock several models, each designed for different sized pools. If you don’t like cleaning then the state of the art Pool Pro self-cleaning salt water chlorinator is for you.

Salt water chlorinators take away the hassle of adding chlorine to your pool on a daily basis. A salt water chlorinator is a mini liquid chlorine factory. Clever aren’t they?  To explain it without bamboozling you with science; the water passes over the salt water chlorinator cell and liquid chlorine is produced and returned to the pool water. Please be aware that if you have a salt water chlorinator of any brand you will need to add some additional chlorine from time to time.

All Pool Pro salt water chlorinators are equipped with a timer and are therefore set to operate automatically. All our salt water chlorinators come with a solid warranty and as with all Pool Pro equipment spare parts are always available. When you choose a Pool Pro salt water chlorinator you can rest assured that your pool is receiving chlorine automatically each and every day. 

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