Sand & Cartridge Filters

The filter on your pool or spa is the most important part of your pool. The filter’s job is to filter the water and return it to the pool in a sanitary condition. At Pool Pro we ensure we supply the most efficient pool filters available. Our Neptune pool and spa filters were designed by Australians specifically for Australian conditions.

There are two main types of pool and spa filters. Sand filters and cartridge filters. Sand filters are the most common and come in many sizes depending on the size of your pool. Cartridge filters are usually found on small pools, spas and above ground pools.  Pool Pro filters for pools and spas are truly competitive and of extremely high quality. Apart from a warranty, professional advice and service, Pool Pro supplies every spare part possible for pool and spa filters. Most importantly spare parts are always available.  Enjoy peace of mind by choosing a Pool Pro pool or spa filter. They’re simply a better choice for your pool or spa.

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