Pumps & Heaters

By choosing a pool pump or spa pump  from Pool Pro’s extensive range you can be sure your pool pump is of the highest quality. Pool Pros own Neptune Pool Pumps have been designed by Australians for Australian conditions. All Pool Pro pool pumps come with warranties, professional advice and service as well as a huge range of spare parts.

When choosing a pool or spa pump it is most important that the pump you purchase is perfectly matched with your filter to turn over the volume of your pool water efficiently. The job of the pool pump is to pump the water from the pool to the pool filter to enable efficient filtering of the water. If your pool pump is unable to handle the volume of water then filtration will not be adequate which can result in additional chemical use. This applies to spa pumps as well and when purchasing a spa pump Pool Pro will ensure your pump is designed to accommodate hot water. At Pool Pro we ensure we stock only the best quality and efficient pool and spa pumps available. Save money, have Pool Pro provide a quality pool pump designed to adequately handle the volume of water in your pool or spa.

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